ISO 27001. Проведены надзорные аудиты компаний "AK-TAŞ DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş." и "EKİN KİMYA TİC. A.Ş."

В ноябре 2014 года аудитор компании TMS (представитель TÜV SÜD в Украине), Александр Дмитриев завершил проведение надзорных аудитов системы менеджмента информационной безопасности по требованиям международного стандарта ISO/IEC 27001 в компаниях «AK-TAŞ DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş.» (Турция) и «EKİN KİMYA TİC. A.Ş.» (Турция).

ISO/IEC 27001 описывает лучшие мировые практики в области управления информационной безопасностью и содержит требования к системе менеджмента информационной безопасности для демонстрации способности компании защищать свои информационные ресурсы.

Областью действия системы менеджмента информационной безопасности (ISMS) является:

  • «Trading, Storage and Distribution of Chemicals»


  • «Import, Storage, Sales and Delivery of Chemical Materials»

В рамках указанных областей действия аудитор проверил все процессы информационной безопасности и сделал вывод о ее соответствии требованиям стандарта ISO/IEC 27001. По результатам аудита выданы рекомендации о подтверждении действия сертификатов.

Данный аудит был организован специалистами компаний TMS (представитель TÜV SÜD в Украине)» и TÜV SÜD Türkiye (представитель TÜV SÜD в Турции).



With our dedication to change, high quality marketed products and services, we aim to become one of the best performing companies in the international chemical industry market.



Aktas Dis Tic. A.S. aims to meet the expectations of its suppliers and employees, as well as national and international customers, by providing products and services conforming to universal standards and quality for a healthy and sustainable development.


Aktas Dis Tic. A.S. adopts its relationships with established business partners, to create value and contribute to the country’s  and regional economies’ development.

Aktas Dis Tic. A.S. endeavours to satisfy customers and employees; it focuses on finding quick and effective solutions to their problems and meeting their requests on a timely basis.

Aktas Dis Tic. A.S aims for safe, continuous, high quality, economical, fast and timely services using intensive and dedicated efforts of its employees.  In order to achieve this goal Aktas  shares its gains with its employees.

Aktas Dis Tic. A.S is always prepared for the future and is;continuously open to innovation and development.Keeping pace with change is AktasDis Tic. A.S.’ corporate culture.

Aktas Dis Tic. A.S consider it their duty to contribute to customers’competitive power in international and domestic markets.

It is Aktas Dis Tic. A.S’ company policy to provide lifelong education for its employees.

Aktas Dis Tic. A.S is aware of its responsibility to protect human health, environment and natural resources.

Адрес компании:

О компании EKİN KİMYA TİC. A.Ş.

Ekin Kimya was founded in 1995, company have supplied high-quality chemical ingredients and additives to Turkey and to the countries within its close vicinity. Ekin Kimya supplies a wide range of products from general ingredients to the specific chemicals to the pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, lube oil and hematology fields of industry where they provide services, and has achieved the position of an important supplier.

Ekin Kimya completely meets the current requirements and expectations of their customers, and they forecast their future requirements and expectations, and steer their works based on these forecasts. Thus, they can achieve their goal to provide required quality of services and products in required time for their customers. In addition, as they provide any and all information, training and technical support for their customers, they are regarded as always accessible and reliable supplier within all the fields of industry where they provide services.

Детальнее с деятельностью компании можно ознакомиться на официальной сайте EKİN KİMYA TİC. A.Ş. (



04070, г.Киев
ул. Набережно-Крещатицкая, 9

83086, г. Донецк
ул. Артема, 51а, офис 908

Тел.: +380 50 419 69 11